At NCHS, we are committed to providing a full complement of services to support the treatment of each individual we serve. With a clinical focus on bleeding disorders, the NCHS team works to meet the specific needs of hematologists and other healthcare professionals while offering comprehensive support and services to help empower patients and their families. As a team, we pride ourselves on our ability to meet the changing needs of our customers while optimizing outcomes and managing costs for those living with hemophilia and other bleeding disorders.

Due to our expertise, we understand and advocate for the importance of treatment adherence for improving outcomes, which is why we function as an extension of your team to support patients through all stages of life and every transition in between.

We work closely with healthcare professionals and hemophilia treatment centers (HTCs) to help patients adhere to hemophilia treatment guidelines. We take pride in our full range of clinical services including specialty medications and related services for patients through our fully-accredited specialty pharmacy. We also offer non-clinical services for our patients to assist with the practical realities of living with a chronic disease.

Comprehensive Support for Physician-Prescribed Hemophilia and Bleeding Disorder Therapies

Our professional team is dedicated to providing comprehensive support for physician-prescribed hemophilia treatment options. Communication, feedback, and outcome reporting are critical tools to meet our shared goals.

Providers and Hemophilia Treatment Centers that partner with NCHS can expect us to:

  • Help control costs with accurate dosing and dispensing
  • Support patient adherence to protocols and medication use
  • Provide the expertise of a seasoned team that has been working with hemophilia and bleeding disorder patients since 2000
  • Help patients and healthcare professionals navigate health insurance hurdles and the reimbursement process
  • Serve as an extension of the healthcare team by offering top-notch quality care and routinely communicating relevant patient information

Contact us to learn more about how partnering with NCHS can benefit you and your patients.