Hemophilia is a disease that impacts many aspects of a patient’s health and requires the care of multiple medical specialists. One hemophilia treatment option is receiving care at a Hemophilia Treatment Center (HTC). HTCs follow hemophilia treatment guidelines to provide comprehensive care and support for hemophilia patients in one location.

Hemophilia Treatment Center Care Team

The multidisciplinary care team at a Hemophilia Treatment Center usually includes:

  • Hematologists to treat and prevent bleeding disorder symptoms
  • Orthopedists to attend to joint, muscle, and bone complications
  • Pediatricians for young patients, such as infants and children
  • Physical therapists to provide exercise and rehabilitation support
  • Lab technicians and pathologists to perform onsite blood tests and other laboratory analyses
  • Nurses who specialize in hemophilia and bleeding disorder care
  • Mental health professionals to address the psychological impact of living with a chronic disease
  • Social workers to help with health insurance, occupational, and other practical matters

HTCs may also have onsite dentists, psychologists, and other healthcare professionals to offer specialized hemophilia treatment options. For treatments not available onsite, HTCs can often refer patients to appropriate specialists. Community groups are also affiliated with HTCs to provide emotional and mental support for hemophilia and bleeding disorder patients and their families.

A Coordinated Approach to Comprehensive Hemophilia Care

NCHS helps ensure hemophilia and other bleeding disorder patients receive the care they need from all their providers. We support patients who use Hemophilia Treatment Centers by:

  • Coordinating care with the Hemophilia Treatment Center team
  • Helping patients obtain home infusion services and self-infusion training
  • Assisting with health insurance coverage issues
  • Answering questions regarding factor treatments and other therapies
  • Managing factor supply levels

Contact a patient support specialist to discuss how we can help you or your loved one.