Your Partner In Care

Known by patients around the country as a proactive partner, NCHS offers a wide array of customized patient care services and therapy management programs for individuals with hemophilia and other bleeding disorders. We help you follow hemophilia treatment guidelines and obtain prescriptions quickly and easily through our specialty hemophilia pharmacy.

When you work with NCHS, you can expect:

  • Convenience: We make it easy to fill your prescriptions and have your questions answered, anytime
  • Availability of factor medications: You never have to worry about running out of factor or other hemophilia supplies
  • Stability: We ensure consistent and reliable services to help you manage life changes and transitions without treatment gaps
  • Speed: We can arrange for overnight delivery of factor in emergency situations
  • Comprehensive service: Our team goes beyond filling prescriptions by offering services to address multiple aspects of living with hemophilia
  • Reimbursement and health insurance help: We have an expert team of insurance and reimbursement specialists available to guide you through the claims process.

NCHS Pharmacy Services

At NCHS, we understand the hemophilia treatment options available to our patients and work with your care team to support prescribed therapies. Our pharmacy dispenses medications and ancillary supplies for hemophilia. Licensed pharmacists are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer questions and address concerns.

We will contact you or your caregiver prior to each new and refill shipment to arrange delivery, monitor therapy outcomes, encourage adherence to therapies, and offer guidance to ensure proper use of products and to manage any side effects. We know how critical it is for hemophilia patients to have factor on hand to help prevent bleeds and for the treatment of a bleed; our team works with you to maintain your clotting factor supply and ensure that you have factor when you need it most.

Through our pharmacy and care team, we support hemophilia and bleeding disorder treatments through:

  • 24/7 pharmacist availability
  • Overnight medication delivery in emergency situations
  • Refill reminders
  • Notification of delivery status
  • Bleeding disorder education and support

Contact us to learn more about how NCHS can serve you or visit our specialty pharmacy page.