Providing the Complete Package

providerWe are passionate about providing a complete package for each individual we serve -- one that honors the needs of healthcare clinicians, payers, patients and their families. Our goal is to enhance quality of life and optimize clinical outcomes while managing costs.

When you coordinate patient care with NCHS, you are guaranteed to work with the highest quality pharmacists and reimbursement experts. It is crucial to select the appropriate treatment setting and work with the entire care team -- physician, payer and patient, to make sure the process is seamless, easy and transparent.

We work closely with healthcare practitioners to achieve objectives and ideal therapies for our patients, providing highly specialized clinical excellence. We take pride in offering specialty medications and related services for patients through our fully accredited specialty pharmacy.

Comprehensive Support for Physician Prescribed Therapies

Our professional team is dedicated to providing comprehensive support for physician-prescribed therapies. Communication, feedback and outcome reporting are critical tools to achieve our goals. To achieve the greatest economic and clinical outcomes, NCHS offers a variety of services to assess, educate and support:

Individualized Counseling