Payers and Hemophilia Drug Manufacturers

Providing effective hemophilia treatment options is a goal NCHS shares with payers and hemophilia drug manufacturers. We believe that working with payers to select appropriate treatments and drug manufacturers to support patient therapy will help our patients achieve the best outcomes possible. 

Payers: Reducing Hemophilia and Bleeding Disorder Medical Costs While Improving Clinical Outcomes

As a specialty pharmacy, NCHS focuses on controlling the costs of hemophilia treatment options through expert clinical oversight. We incorporate a comprehensive and coordinated model of care for patients with hemophilia and other bleeding disorders. 


NCHS cares for the whole patient by providing integrated therapy management to support physician-prescribed hemophilia treatment guidelines and non-clinical services that include education, counseling, and community support.

As a leader in the industry with strong manufacturer relationships, we have the buying power to maintain consistent and adequate inventories of product, reducing treatment costs for patients and payers and increasing patient adherence.

NCHS payer services are offered to:
NCHS also provides a variety of services to assess, educate, and support hemophilia and bleeding disorder patients while achieving the best economic and clinical outcomes, including:
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Hemophilia Drug Manufacturers: The Expertise You Need to Reach Patients

NCHS is dedicated to treating hemophilia, other bleeding disorders, and rare chronic conditions accurately, responsively, quickly, and safely. We share a common goal with pharmaceutical manufacturers: optimal patient clinical outcomes. As a provider of specialty pharmacy and healthcare services, we partner with drug manufacturers to distribute new products to the patients that can benefit from them.hemophilia_drug_manufacturers

Understanding Your Challenges and Goals 

We know how important it is that your hemophilia products are used correctly and that patients receive appropriate support. We assist patients with obtaining effective care and properly administering hemophilia medications through home infusion. The relationships we forge with patients through education and counseling services ensure that protocols are strictly followed and outcomes carefully reported. This leads to greater adherence, improved disease management, and more favorable results for our patients.

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