Our Specialty Hemophilia Pharmacy

We Do More Than Fill Your Prescriptionsnchs_specialty_hemophilia_pharmacy

Hemophilia specialty medications such as clotting factor viii and ix are some of the true wonder drugs available in medicine today. While these medications improve hemophilia and even save lives, some who use them may undergo challenges that require special assistance. That's why our specialty pharmacy, National Community Healthcare Services (NCHS), does more than just fill prescriptions. We provide experienced, dedicated personnel who will work with you and your healthcare providers on an individualized basis to help you gain optimal results from your therapy.

Our goal is for patients to achieve the best outcome from their treatment plan. This involves supporting hemophilia treatment guidelines prescribed by doctors and reviewing hemophilia treatment options. 

Home Infusion Support

Independence is the goal for people with chronic disorders and those needing specialty medications. We believe that home or an alternate non-clinical setting is the best place to receive treatments. That’s why we offer home infusion education and support for patients who self-infuse or receive infusions at home from nurses or other caregivers. 

Read more about the benefits of hemophilia home infusion or contact us to learn more about how we can help you self-infuse.

Specialty Hemophilia Pharmacy Services specialty_hemophilia_pharmacy

In addition to a wide range of medications and ancillary supplies, here's what you can expect from NCHS’ specialty hemophilia pharmacy:
Our registered pharmacists will contact your doctor to discuss the details of your prescription needs along with information about appropriate dosage levels and hemophilia treatment options. Prior to dispensing medications, our pharmacists will also review your prescription profile to look for possible interactions. Pharmacists are available 24/7 via phone for patient consultation.

Keeping Track of Hemophilia Medication

Patients rely on NCHS as an active partner in their care. Our team will discuss your medication delivery schedule and review your current levels of medications and supplies to adjust your next order accordingly. We help patients ensure that they have enough clotting factor and other medications on hand. In emergency situations, we also arrange for overnight delivery of factor.

Bleeding Disorder Emergencies

Hemophilia patients and those with bleeding disorders are at a higher risk for injury or bleeding episodes that require emergency medical attention. In the case of an emergency, our team can help coordinate care to ensure that the medical facility has the necessary patient information to provide treatment.

To learn more about how NCHS’ specialty hemophilia pharmacy can best serve you, contact us.