Non-Clinical Hemophilia Services

While hemophilia treatment options have become broader and better, effectively managing hemophilia requires a comprehensive approach from the patient, caregiver, physician, and pharmacy team. Our expert, caring specialty pharmacy staff is dedicated to addressing the practical realities of living with hemophilia and other bleeding disorders. Our goal is to support the whole patient, not just the medical demands of hemophilia. This includes answering health insurance questions, assisting with reimbursement, helping identify available financial resources, connecting patients to support groups, and advocating on behalf of the hemophilia and bleeding disorder community. 

When you work with NCHS, you receive best-in-class service from a team with deep experience serving hemophilia and other bleeding disorder patients. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you obtain treatment, understand health insurance matters, and afford your medication. 

Insurance and Reimbursement Services

Navigating insurance requirements while managing a chronic disease can be overwhelming. NCHS is here to help. Our world class reimbursement team has been offering support to hemophilia and other bleeding disorder patients since 2000. 

We help our patients with:

Payment Options and Financial Assistancehemophilia_treatment_support

Treating a chronic disease like hemophilia and other bleeding disorders can be costly. Patients who are struggling to afford the cost of their hemophilia care may have resources or other options available. The NCHS team remains abreast of all available funding options and financial assistance programs so that we can help our patients afford the treatment they need.

Resources for Occupational and Educational Challenges

Patients living with hemophilia and other bleeding disorders face everyday challenges at home, work, and school. NCHS can help patients obtain the support they need to live as independently as possible while effectively managing their illness. Whether it’s assistance with 504 plans and IEPs within an educational institution or help with obtaining disability benefits, our team partners with patients every step of the way.

Supporting Healthy Lifestyles

You control one of the most important factors in hemophilia disease outcomes: lifestyle decisions. Hemophilia patients who place a premium on physical activity, healthy eating, and other positive lifestyle choices live longer, report fewer disease complications, and enjoy better outcomes overall. 

For patients with hemophilia and other bleeding disorders, a healthy lifestyle includes:
NCHS supports healthy lifestyles by:

Powering ThroughPowering_Through_Podcast

NCHS is pleased to sponsor Powering Through, a nationwide live event speaker series for and about the bleeding disorder community. These free events feature members of the bleeding disorders community as well as inspiring friends. Both the live events and the podcast are hosted by community member Patrick James Lynch.

Contact us to learn more about our non-clinical hemophilia services.